Want to appear on this guide? »
Want to appear on this guide? »
RunAway S.L.U. is a company dedicated to ellaborate customized travel routes for the mobile phone industry. Thanks to its wide experience in the tourism sector and an innovative focus, we've taken a step further and developed a project in which quality, innovation and the latest technologies are the cornerstones we base our work on. Our main objective is to offer a customized travel guide fulfilling the needs of every single client. At RunAway S.L.U. we believe in the need for positioning tourism, one of the main sectors in our country, where it belongs, giving it the prestige and visibility it deserves.

Why RunAway?

Innovation, value, visibility, distinction and promotion are words present on our daily work. That's why we firmly believe in the fusion between tourism and technology.
Due to the importance of the tourism sector in our country and mobile phone applications being the latest trend in technology, we saw the opportunity to offer a full-fledged customized travel guide, adapted to fulfill the actual and specific needs of every single user. Seeing no one exploited this sector before, we began working on a complete and efficient tool targeted worldwide. Nowadays, RunAway has become a reality with an application in more than 11 languages and striving to become a standard reference in the mobile travel industry.
The first phase of the project was done at the Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera will be the first versions of what we pretend to be the standard mobile travel guide reference for the islands. The main task will be joining leisure and culture onto a single source of information. Both the tourists and the local audience will have a wide range of choices extending from cultural activities to an ample guide of services, hotels, restaurants and travel routes making for our clients pleasure, feeling they ,make every second count while on the island, being able to share their experiences with the others.

We'll formulate the question again:
What is RunAway?
RunAway is the tool which simplifies the discovery for new destinations and makes travelling much easier.