Want to appear on this guide? »
Want to appear on this guide? »

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- I'm the manager or person responsible for a cultural point of interest. Must I pay for appearing on your guide?
No. Menorca RunAway travel guide is completely free for cultural points of interest like museums, parks, attractions, churches, ..., and every cultural point of interest in the island. For your point of interest to appear on our guid, just send an e-mail to info@runawaytrips.com
- I'm a business owner. What is the procedure to appear in your guide?
The price starts from 15€ per month, depending on your business category. Subscription duration can be chosen in a biannually and annually fashion and must be done by clicking in this form.
- I have a business, but it doesn't fit in any of the existing categories. What can I do to enroll?
Our guide grows more and more every day, consolidating itself as the standard travel reference in the Balearic Islands. If your business category is not part of our existing ones, don't hesitate to contact us at info@runawaytrips.com
- How do the coupon system works?
Far from the idea of breaking our clients profit margin, our system differentiates itself from other couponing platforms in the fact we don't demand any discount or commission for every use of the coupon. Users show their mobile phones in the establishment, applying an automatic discount, from which we don't get any commission out of its use. We just take a monthly fee for 'renting' a space in the reserved section for coupons. These coupons can be modified or deleted at any given moment sending an e-mail to info@runawaytrips.com
- What does being a Privileged POI mean?
A Privileged POI (Point of Interest) is a point of interest appearing in the first 5 places for any given business listing in the application. This service has an additional cost starting from 50€ per month.
- How many cultural points of interest do this guide have?
Currently, the guide has over 1000 points of cultural interest which attached as shops, restaurants, medical facilities are added...
- How many languages will the application be available with?
The application is available in 10 languages: catalan, spanish, english, french, german, italian, norwegian, portuguese, japanese and russian, although there's not an available translation in every single language for some cultural content
- Which devices and platforms is this guide available for?
All Android/iPhone smartphones and the iPod Touch
- What is the TRIP Genius patented algorithm composed of?
A user indicates his/her arrival date, acommodation place, departure date and some travel preferences like intensity, interests and other preferences. With all of that, our application generates an optimal route which can be modified on demand at a later stage
- Does the application work without 3G?
Absolutely. We help the tourism sector saving on data roaming and we ease navigation for the local audience
- Who is this guide directed to?
Mainly, to the tourist but we're not forgetting the local audience